The Unifying Theory of Everything

It is the quest of the ages. Philosophers tried to create a singular system of the world that explained all that we know and all that we could not know. From Aristotle to Spinoza and many in between, they all sought a philosophical answer to the question – is there a single unifying force that drives everything.


Their answer, inevitably, was God, articulated in diverse ways but it all boiled down to essentially the same concept – some energy or force called God.  


Today, theoretical mathematicians search to answer the same question, what drives everything.   They too are looking for a unifying theory that explains everything, albeit using mathematical formula and complex theories to derive their systems. 


But to me, this question has already been answered. What drives everything? Change. It drives infinity, it drives evolution, it drives time and gravity …And just about everything else.


I sometimes need to be reminded – change is good. This is the energy that I want to bring to the upcoming inauguration of Mr. Obama. He brings so much change that one is tempted to be hesitant.


So repeat after me, dear friends, Change is good.


Judy Shapiro



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