What’s sweet about tweets.


Colleagues constantly ask me; “what’s the deal with twitter”, “I don’t get it”, “how can I use it”. Behind the question lurks a slight embarrassment because they feel they should “get it”.


So dear friends, not to worry, of course you don’t get it – no one does yet – not really. And anyone that claims to know, well they’re kinda of making it up as they go. We all are, even Twitter (anyone see a solid Twitter monetization model yet lately?)  


But here is how I answer my friends about what Twitter is good for – it is the perfect digital sweet treat for our compressed, sound bite, social casting world.


Twitter makes you reduce your life to a mere 140 characters at a time.  A quick digital snack to share with your world about what’s going on or where you can see what’s going on with others.  


Ok – but what does that mean? Well, if you are in sales, you can see what’s on your prospect’s mind. Conversely, you can share a new insight about your service quickly. In the end, Twitter acts like mini candy store letting you consume and share little info treats (or should I say tweets) on the net.  


Yet, Twitter is not for everyone.  While the cool pundits might make you feel insecure if you are not high on Twitter sweets, and corporate offices buzz about Twitter (anyone remember the Second Life frenzy?), its useful to realize that as Twitter  matures, they will reach a realistic market niche or “set point”. And then the buzz will move onto to the next best thing because Twitter appeal will level off given it limited “nutritional value”.


So if you don’t get Twitter, fear not. It’s not that you’re not cool – you just may not like the Twitter snack. But if Twittering satisfies your sweet tooth – tweeting can be sweet.


Judy Shapiro

3 Responses

  1. Judy — This is a great way to think about it (and I always loved Sweet Tarts). Thanks for giving a good answer to what Twitter is (and helping me not feel stupid). Jim

  2. Awesome listing 😉

  3. As we all know too many sweets cause cavities. It is only a matter of time before the fad passes. We need the net to be able to communicate … tweeting is a fad not suited for much.

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