Technology makes our lives easier – HA!

This week, DigitalNext (the digital section for Ad Age) ran this post I wrote about the still rumored new iPhone that can, in one mighty device, make video recording, editing and uploading easy.  My article was a ding to the cool reporters who become so blinded by the cool stuff, that they very nearly recklessly claim that all technology (especially too cool Apple technology) makes our lives easier.


Yep, you can call me a tech curmudgeon, but I reached the tipping point with every new technology touted as “making our lives easier” . The Apple non-annoucement announcement seemed to come on the heels of the media deluge around the very cool, very prominent iPhone TV campaign called “there’s an app for that” that touts the cool things one can do with an iPhone. The spot shows someone effortlessly whizzing through three or four screens of what seems like an endless array of apps to “make your life easier.”

It’s too cool – or ‘sick’ as my teenage son would say and I too dreamily appreciate how all this technology lets us rise above the mundane and do things easier. This new iPhone is just one link in the ever growing chain of technology that makes our lives easier.

But my seductive daydream was rudely interupted because I’m watching the Apple commercial and I see all these apps going by, and I start to think; “how the heck do you sort through all the apps to find the ones I want?” Then I thought, “I wonder how long or how many times I would actually use any of these apps”. Then I started to wonder. “Where will I store all those easily snapped videos since I won’t want to upload all of them to YouTube.”

It’s easy to see why this myth that technology makes our easier is a very seductive myth even if it is, well, plainly wrong.  The seduction of new technology belies the reality that technology is often neither a time saver nor even more efficient. It does make specific tasks  easier, but to do those tasks often requires more work in other areas.  

So while the iPhone can let me get a mailing label done easier – I may just pull out my pen. After all, my pen does not run out of juice too often.

To read the whole article, go to or click here for PDF of article.

Judy Shapiro


5 Responses

  1. You touched on an important point … even tho I LOVE my iphone. thanks.

  2. I follow you on this. it is a true thing.

  3. 100% correct — those of us in the tech world forget this fact too often.


  4. i hear ya.

  5. I agree 100%.


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