Keep your chin up Twitter!

 I feel a bit protective nowadays of Twitter, almost like the elder aunt who sees her younger relatives struggle with issues she figured out decades ago.

Why do I feel protective of them now? Because I see Twitter being hosed on so many fronts all at the same time. From technological challenges of a meteoritic rise to the scrutiny they must submit to as the poster child of some brighter tech/ financial future.  They get bashed every time there is a security problem – like the recent hack or their user imposter issues. And the unpredictability of their business risk must seem like a steady, intense diet of fear and frustration. All this is blended in with adrenalin rush they no doubt should feel at being one of the cool techno kids on the block, even if there is a niggling uncertainly about what the real upside might be.  

 But the worst part of the Twitter Boom is how they are quickly becoming the symbol of some new age, techno-gold rush with all the negative associations. In the past week alone, I have seen a steady increase in the number SPAM in my in box claiming all sorts of schemes to make a lot money using/ leveraging/ engineering Twitter. Like “How to build a brand on Twitter”, “How to use Twitter to hire superstars”, “How to create a new biz with Twitter” and my favorite  “Earn millions from the Twitter explosion”  – really. 

 This must be awful for the Twitter people. Trying to shut down these make money scams to protect their good name would be like trying to win at that awful “whack a mole” game. It is a losing, exhausting and demoralizing proposition. There must be a level of edginess that hovers over them.

 So my dear younger Twitter colleagues take some advice from your “elder aunt”. Fame may be fleeting, but once your 15 minutes of fame have passed, I hope you emerge at the other end stronger, more stable and less vulnerable. Hard work, perseverance and a long term perspective does almost always prevail.  

 Live and learn.

 Your distant but compassionately concerned “aunt”.

Judy Shapiro


3 Responses

  1. I dont feel bad for them. They did what so many newbi tech companies did. They are riding the fame wave with no clue where they are going.

  2. Dear Aunt Judy: It’s reassuring to know that even immersed in the trench wars, your instinct for compassion continues to thrive. Never let your love light dim.

  3. Hmm John —

    “Aunt Judy” — I can see that as new reality-based TV show, (hey Judge Judy worked 🙂


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