Is Mobile marketing’s new found popularity an investment bubble space waiting to burst?

I have been here before. The mobile space has always had its boom and bust cycles closely following the technology advancements in this technology segment. But despite the natural up’s and down’s in this space, I do believe the mobile segment is still poised for better growth as mobile computing begins to gain more penetration with the advance of the next gen networks and devices.

That’s the good news.  So what worries me?

I worry when I see so many companies jumping on the mobile app/ mobile marketing bandwagon. Within the last month alone, I have been asked to assess no less than 25 ventures, wannabe ventures or a guy in a garage who did an iphone app. I have looked at a bunch of new retail mobile apps, coupon delivery services, city guide apps and video based mobile services. That’s almost one venture a day and it even beats the pace I experienced when I was at Bell Labs New Ventures and new tech ideas where as plentiful as sand on a sea shore!

So that’s why I feel like a “mobile” bubble is forming that will be inevitably bust taking with it players who are too late or underfunded or just badly timed.

So while the potential for mobile marketing is tremendous – it has begun to take on the “gold rush” type of feel priming many people for disappointment.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Judy Shapiro


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  1. good insight and gives me an idea:…

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