No pitch – all proof

This post has been a long time coming but finally I am proud to say our Eden system is live.

“What is that?”  you ask.

Most simply – our company, engageSimply, designed a way for advertisers and their Eden Logo (Textured) PNGagencies to engage with social consumers when consumers are in the mindset to buy.

How do we do that? Well – best way is to see for yourself.

Start at one of our communities – like – On the Off trail or Caregiver’s Ally  – then look for the Eden logo in the upper  right. That’ll give you a snapshot of what the Eden Network is about.

Need more (a.k.a. – you are an adtech geek or an agency person) you’ll find how advertisers can play  Here in Eden.

Come on in. We’ve been working hard hard to welcome you.

P.S. – It takes a village to start a venture and in my case I heartily acknowledge that NONE of this would be possible without a little (OK – A LOT) of help from my friends. You are the reason we have come this far. Thank you all.


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