I am 20+ year marketing veteran school’d in the days (1980’s to be exact) when advertising agencies were the marketing departments for the largest advertisers — Procter & Gamble, Gillette and AT&T. Then, in the early 90’s these clients began to hire us agency folks because we could drive their business faster and to be honest cheaper than agencies (agencies charged clients alot for our expertise).

So I was one of the first of a legion of agency folks that were drafted into battalions of clients. During my client side tenure, I had the great good fortune to be at the epicenter of every major technology trend — I was at AT&T when telecom = high tech. I was part of Lucent when the Internet was quite literally being crafted from fibers and hardware. I became marketing head for the many Bell Labs technology ventures that were being spun out right and left. And then I moved onto software — just when everyone needed software to run all the stuff. I worked at Computer Associates, Comodo, a highly innovative Internet security and authentication company and Paltalk, a technology platform that lets people integrate video into all their communications and communities through video chat, video IM and video conferencing. (www.paltalk.com)

Today, I am CEO/ Founder of engageSimply, a technology marketing commerce firm (www.engagesimply.com) and we are on a journey to introduce “pull” marketing in a push dominated business. In some ways, we are rebelling against established model and I am the Rebel CEO (I explain more at the the Rebel CEO site).

I hear younger colleagues getting themselves tied up in knots talking about all the different ways to get out there. But truly they seem lost and can not see the forest for the trees (to coin a tired but true cliche). So I decided to become a voice to help clear the dense brush away.

I write for AdAge.com DigitalNext section on digital branding. I talk about how “Judy Consumer” is adapting to the tech tsunami in Huffingtion Post . I write A LOT in Social Media Today and kinda often, all these articles get published in places like All things D, PC World, Forbes, USAToday, Crain’s (see https://trenchwars.wordpress.com/articles-buzz/). I speak at those conferences we are all love to attend ‘cuz they are too cool (e.g. SXSW, Digital Hollywood, CTAM – Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketers, Ignite NYC Web2.0) and I advocate a balance between the art of branding and the science of digital marketing.

This blog is another way to get the word out. Hence the origins of trenchwars.

To see what I think, please see published articles: https://trenchwars.wordpress.com/articles-buzz/

Wanna reach me — just email me: judy.shapiro@verizon.net. Follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/judyshapiro or http://www.blogdash.com/full_profile/?claim_code=ff0fffdd9437e8b1e5013ab9137ed5be

Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=152894&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro

Judy Shapiro

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  1. […] wish I came up with this term.  Guest blogger Judy Shapiro wrote about social media and building awareness at Ad Age, and describes creating “Content […]

  2. My goodness a marketer who read Kuhn!! Just discovered your blog. I am faced with similar issues in market research with black boxes and democratized DIY systems claiming truth.

    • I wish more of anyone working in technology would: a) Read his book and b) abandon ANY notion of “disruptive” tech.

      Kuhn explains how innovation should happen – hard work and rigor. Christensen’s notion of disruptive innovation was the shortcut that in the end was proven to be invalid from a business growth perspective. Yet it is as stupidly sticky as those silly notions of the anti-vaxxers (people who believe that childhood vaccines lead to autism thus opting out to immunizing their children putting all kids at risk).

      I remain optimistic because truth will eventually triumph.

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