Two new candidates for the Ad World Hall of Shame

(National spots that make me mad)

While I write a lot about marketing, I rarely diss specific ads. The life of an agency is hard enough and it’s just too easy to criticize someone else’s work. So I fight the urge to point out really bad spots – most of the time.

Till now.

There is a new class of low in the annals of advertising and that takes some doing. These are not local spots often touted as the worst spots ever because of their lack of production value. Rather these are national ads that are running a lot! Professionally produced with significant budgets behind them. That’s what makes these ads all the more reprehensible. It is why they deserve to be in the Ad World Hall of Shame.  I intend to name names if for no other reason than perhaps teach other agencies not to do the same thing.

1) van de kamp’s fish stick spot.

This is the spot where a “precocious” 6 – ish year old girl chastises her mother for serving fish sticks with minced meat rather than fish stick with non minced meat (whatever that might be). Aside from the boring, over played “kid as young adult” schtick we have seen dozens of times, I found this kid’s obnoxiousness unacceptable. I found myself yelling at the TV wanting to tell the Mom not to give in. This child’s level of mini autocrat takes kid obnoxiousness to a new level. I wanted to smack the child. More than that, I found myself almost hoping the Mom would. I am horrified that the agency allowed this clichéd spot ever to be released. It is an embarrassment to the ad industry for its lack of intelligence and insight. Clients deserve better. Kids deserve to be represented more honestly than that. Really badly done.

2) Debt Relief spots.

Unfortunately, this covers at quite a few companies running essentially the same spot at the moment. In essence, these debt relief companies promise to “slash” their customers’ outstanding debt by 50% or more. We see pictures of respectable looking people happily telling us that they were able to reduce their debt by $14,000 or $20,000 or even $30,000.

I find these spots bordering on immoral. These commercials are basically telling people. “It’s OK to charge too much and spend too much. Heck can get you out of paying your obligations. Sure, your credit score may take a beating for a while – but you’ll likely be back on your good credit standing feet in no time at all. After all, you understand that over spending is the American way!”

This horrifies on a few levels. When did we lose our sense of personal obligation? Where did our sense of right go, after all we DID BUY THIS STUFF? How can we so blithely ignore the fact that this is a debt we entered into knowingly and willingly? How can our promises mean so little?

The worst part of these services that is lost on most people is that these credit freeloaders are riding on the back of someone who probably lost their job. After all, someone had to pay for that 52” TV that they got out of paying. But these spots make it look to upstanding, so respectable.

As marketing pros – we should boycott doing these spots. It may not stop these spots from being done – but no agency with any moral standing should touch it. Just say no!

Is advertising just a mirror or do we create the need? When I see these spots, I just want to break the whole damn mirror.

Judy Shapiro

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